August 3, 2006

If you look up the word slug in Wikipedia, there’s probably a good definition for these tasty little creatures. I’m not giving you the specific definition here because I am the personification of the word slug.

From memory – or just plain genius – I think I can recall the description of the word as: slimy animal in the snail family; to hit someone in a bar fight; to be in the same bar and drink a shot of whiskey; and finally, a slug is a complete LAZE! I fall into that category right now.

It could be the insane heat, the amount of work I’m doing for various clients, my fat body and its inertia, or a combination of the above. But as mentioned A MONTH AGO in one of my last posts, I’m ignoring the blog, the podcast and the outdoors in favor of working on my writing, my online poker addiction and my eating habit.

If you’ve got a solution for any of these things, fear not. I don’t need your stinkin’ help, I’ve solved it myself. And the key to this was baseball.

That’s right, the four-hour-long entertainment device propagated by overpaid druggies in little white costumes. You see, I’ve been going to the more pure version of baseball – the minor leagues.

It’s here that I found my field of dreams and realized that I need to straighten up and fly right. No more 2AM drinking (unless I’m out at a bar instead of in my recliner watching Colbert Report episodes), no more online poker (unless it’s on a day that ends in y), and no more procrastination…and I mean it.

So, look for more A Life of Play episodes in the next few weeks. Look for a new book by ME in the next year. And watch for me on the trails, the streets and the ocean during the remainder of the summer.

If I’m not there, I’m likely slugging it up inside in the A/C.

More to come…