Snowed under, over and through!

December 14, 2007

Are people insane?

During my SEVEN HOUR AND TEN MINUTE commute, I saw the following…

32 abandoned cars (half of them stopped and blocking the center lane of the highway, the other half just stuck at random angles into snowbanks at the side of the road)

Thousands and thousands of people driving four miles an hour from Nashua, NH all the way to my little hamlet south of Boston

Iced-over roads and mangled wipers

The things I DIDN’T see on my delighful commute………

Traffic lanes

Courteous drivers

The sun

Any respite from idiots (mostly the donkeys in 4×4 trucks who pass you on the right going the dry-road limit in 16 inches of snow)

NO. I didn’t take any photos. NO. I didn’t stop to get gas and almost ran out on the way home. And NO, I’m not blaming anyone but myself for the long commute. I could stretch a little and blame the wolf-crying meteorologists who repeatedly freak out and and say, “We could have up to two feet of snow by the commute” – which often ends with a 45-degree day and bright sunshine.

Well today they FINALLY were right and I didn’t listen. That’s why I left the office at 2:46 and not at noon like I should have.

I’m still jittery from the ride and need to go lie down. More insight and humor tomorrow after I dig out the house.

More to come…