Soundtrack of My Life Right Now – Music Soothes and Energizes

September 16, 2016

When I talk about music with people I usually begin the conversation by saying I’m musically inept. From my time as a trumpet player and my more recent foray into banjo, I’ve been an abject failure. Further, my music appreciation runs the gamut from songs by Wham to a lot of Meghan Trainor and Pink and other poppy, light songs.


Maybe a theme has developed over time that leads me to believe that music doesn’t have to be foreboding and dark to be significant. Music that moves me is energetic and cheerful. The lyrics I like tend to tell stories and evoke positive emotion – tears of happiness rather than rage or sorrow.

That said, finding a soundtrack for my life right now is daunting. Sometimes (all the time) I possess a manic personality that can be really optimistic and happy for a while and then swing to the middle and be analytical and serious.

In this split second I’m working on a client project that has me strung out so my soundtrack in this instant is probably something with crazy piano and tempo.

*As an aside, my comment on musical ineptness affects my knowledge of musical artists so finding the YouTube tracks to the songs or types of songs I would insert into this post is really difficult.

Now that I’ve paused a little and the project on my plate is further from my consciousness I am in a lighter mood. I want to listen to Dear Future Husband or something similarly fun like a Jonathan Coulton song.

Perhaps the beauty of recognizing a ‘life soundtrack’ is coming to terms with yourself professionally and personally. We all have different motivators and reflections of who we are. Maybe a song in which mirrors play a large role could be mine today – especially as I look inward and try to figure myself out.

What’s your soundtrack…today or any day?