Space invaders

May 22, 2008

Personal space isn’t some commodity that exists only in our minds, like ADD or the need for political correctness. No, it’s brutally real.

I say brutally because when that space is invaded some people get defensive to the point of being rude. I’m one of those people who can’t stand people who are too close.

Yes, I hug my brothers and guy friends. I even kiss my parents and some relatives. But I get all hackles-up whenever I’m in the company of a close talker or if someone in line behind me gets too close.

Different cultures treat space in different ways and Americans seem to give a generous amount of room to others AND we seem to focus a lot on hygiene. Isn’t it puzzling (some might say ironic) that the people who spend less time in the bath spend more time up close and personal.

Maybe it’s like making your companions eat garlic-laden dishes at dinner so you won’t be the only post-meal dragon breather. Or perhaps many Europeans treat their entire lives like a camping trip.

Whatever the case, I’m against that too.

Let’s count my issues today – and maybe turn this into a fear posting over on Things to Worry About.

I don’t want to be trod on while standing in line. I don’t want anyone to be closer to me than I might hold a paperback book unless the lights are off. And I don’t want people to be smelly.

That’s so very inclusive and open of me. Maybe I’m uptight about alfhagkdfhfskfdhgkatiea;kfjarhek and Ben’s wedding this weekend.

I don’t have to do much more than drink and play golf.

Yes, the tuxedo must be on my body by game time. And I’m likely going to have to stand in a church so long that I’ll need a hair cut when the ceremony is over.

I wonder if I’m becoming a recluse and have started to shun large events. The lack of control and the increased attention might be what’s making me anxious about a day where my primary job is to party.

So where’s the issue? Is the day just a reminder of my failed marriage? Or does it cement the fact I’m getting older when my baby brother is supposedly all grown up?

Ultimately, I don’t know what’s bugging me today. But I can confidently tell you if someone gets too close to me today, they’re gonna know.

More to come…