Spicy eggs and heavy metal

December 17, 2006

If you’re listening to the podcast instead of reading this online, you are acutely aware that I sound like crap. This cold in my throat and brain arrived after Thanksgiving and has decided to stay through the holidays. I’ve set out clean towels and am just waiting for it to leave.

In the meantime, I’ve been focusing on my trip to France in July which has necessitated a little tightening of the purse strings. Instead of eating lunch out every day I’ve been occasionally bringing leftovers. And instead of eating each breakfast out – and this is my FAVORITE meal of the day – I have started to cook again.

Today I had my famous spicy eggs. I can’t give you the recipe because they were created by mistake while I was distracted by DirecTv TITANIUM.

Titanium is a package for people who don’t have enough going on in their lives to leave the couch. For a mere $7500 a year, you can get EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL AND MOVIE that DirecTv delivers. That includes NFL Sunday Ticket, PayPerView (all you can eat), every movie channel, all the adult selections (oooooooohh, still not worth it), and hundreds of regular channels.

In my weakened condition I tried to do the math. I’m paying about $50 per month for a pretty good package. I don’t get movies or sex channels, but I also choose to fill a good portion of my day with something other than embossing my couch with my body.

For this package to be worth it, I would have to watch television and movies 31 hours a day. $7500 is more than ten times more expensive than my current bill and I rarely break the 2-hour per day mark, much less the vaunted 3.1 hour barrier.

Well, I have been known to plunk myself down once in a while when there’s a Scrubs marathon or NFL Football on the tube. And we’re not including July when I regularly watch 5+ hours a day of the Tour de France.

So, my shocked state I put too much pepper in my eggs and realized once again that if television – or any activity – is interfering in your life, it might be a sign. I’m taking this to mean that titanium is too heavy a metal for me to handle.

Keep thinking!