Stamps Forever? WHAT!?

March 26, 2007

The U.S. Postal Service – as if they didn’t have enough to do – has decided to start selling stamps that never expire and are always worth the ‘first-class’ rate.

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If that’s not the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Hey, McDonald’s. Why didn’t you keep selling your burgers for $.35 each?

Hey, Gulf. Gas keeps going up. How can you afford to sell it for $.99 a gallon?

Hey, Verizon. How can you only charge me $7 for every minute I go over on my cell phone allotment?

It’s insane. Gas prices, the cost of employment and the price of running inefficient brick buildings all over the United States is only going to rise. So why intro a stamp that costs $.41 now when in two years the Postal Service will be losing about $.03 per letter (or more) on these items.

Liberty Stamp

Just install more stamp machines, learn how to prioritize and schedule your help (good work tying up the whole world every Saturday with passports) and charge us what it costs to mail a letter.

Omigod! It’s too early in the week to deal with dumbness.

More to come…