Start my file Mr. Cruise

March 11, 2008

From what I heard tonight from a private investigator, the Church of Scientology is fairly diligent about keeping its image intact. This PI also said that in their efforts to keep their collective noses clean, the COS will create a file on people who might say, do and further negative perceptions of the church.

So, in my best efforts to expand my readership, I say that Scientologists are crackpots. They’ve gone over the edge and their beliefs are at odds with my upbringing and current thoughts that science and not religion can heal people.

Not enough? OK. Tom Cruise is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but why not admit it?

That should do it. Now the Church of Scientology has a file on me and will probably show up in the ‘recent readers’ log on the right side of this page. I hope they run over to read all my other blogs, too. That’s the sabbatical blog, the things to worry about blog, and of course the Tour de France blog.

More to come…