Stephen Colbert – unappreciated genius. The Emmy Award for versatility!

March 17, 2008

As you and I both know, Stephen Colbert is a devout cheese lover and avid reader of Bowl of Cheese.

Well, the admiration doesn’t just flow downhill. I love his work on the Daily Show, his own Colbert Report and of course his unappreciated role on Law & Order, Criminal Intent.

Seriously, Colbert was a slimy document expert (truly a stretch for any actor) in the 2004 episode entitled “The Saint.” And not to give anything away, but this episode had more twists and turns than a coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. Also, some of the lines were similar to the ones he uses on his show these days. Stuff like SATAN, GOAT LETTER, and FOUNDATION.

Take a look…


THIS is why everyone needs Tivo or a DVR. So you can find gems like this and enjoy them fully.


Go Stephen, GO!


More to come…