February 26, 2008

Sitboaf asked me the other day if I had missed a day of blogging recently and if so, what the ramifications were. I returned to him—in silent response—the empty Monday you have just witnessed.

I’m not blogging to break records or to keep to a set number of words per day/week/year/decade. I’m writing here and sharing the electrons because sometimes I have something fun and/or funny to say.

I believe with the onslaught of assignments and appointments presented me by the writing project (which begins in four days), I might be away from this quaint outpost even more than one day at a time. But maybe not.

As Chris Wilson agrees, the life of a freelancer might be difficult and uncertain at times, but it definitely provides a spark for your creative juices.

With that in mind I bet there won’t be too much of a drop in content here. So don’t worry. And if you are worried, put those worries in the comments below. Your brashness might spur me to tackle projects and topics I hadn’t even thought about.

YES! More to come…