Stupid Delta

April 19, 2008

OK. It should probably start out as STUPID JEFF and then progress to STUPID DELTA. That’s because we left the island a little early so we wouldn’t have to rush and be maniacs at the airport.

Well, had we been going south this would have been a great philosophy. On the way through St. Petersburg we saw a car flipped on its roof blocking both lanes of traffic. I didn’t get a photo because the wanker behind me didn’t think that rubbernecking was a good pastime and started honking.

CF gave him the finger and we left the scene without getting documentation. But that’s not the point. The point is that we were NOT delayed in our journey to the Tampa airport. We got here in plenty of time and now I sit in the boarding area blogging.


Because Delta neglected to plan correctly and now has delayed our flight twice. First it was dropped from 6:19 to 6:52 or so. Now we aren’t scheduled to leave until 7:30. Idiocy.

Granted, it’s not as bad as the driver I passed on the way here who was camped in the fast lane…the PASSING lane…going 49MPH. That’s annoying when it’s just some regular driver who has lapsed in their judgment and forgotten the suggestion (no, it’s sadly not a law) that you must stay right unless passing.

It’s even more annoying and downright infuriating when the car is a driver-education vehicle with a student driver!

You KNOW that I pulled alongside, leaned on the horn for an excessive amount of time and then rolled down my window to berate the instructor. But that doesn’t have anything to do with my current mood…I’m still angry at Delta.

Pardon me while I find some online poker, happier blogs and some articles to entertain my easily distracted mind.

More to come…