Stupid Drivers

June 18, 2007

In a discussion I had today during my commute (let’s say hypothetically that I was going so slow on 128 N that it was akin to being stopped and therefore was safe to talk on my cell phone), I lamented the idiocy of people who jump into commuter traffic without cause.

I’m not talking about people literally jumping in front of vehicles – but maybe that would be a solution if the right drivers took this path – but more about people who are on vacation, out of school, not working, just going shopping and those who are not encumbered by corporate rules that require them to be somewhere at a certain time. *Let’s at a later date discuss how dumb it is that people actually need to be in a specific location to do assignments and careers that can be completed from anywhere in the world. **OK, one example would be the newspaper in California that has outsourced its local town meeting coverage to two reporters in India!! Seriously.

Back to the commute. Why would any sane person strap a bike, kayak or mattress to the top of their car and hop into traffic anytime between 6:30 and 9AM? They slow up traffic for everyone else by adding to the congestion and they also annoy us by rubbing in the fact that they are headed somewhere to have fun whilst we are headed to our daily punishment.

I posit that we should institute laws similar to the ones they have in London proper that fines people for entering the city center during rush hour without proper permitting. If we do this for the Pike, 93 and 128, we could fill the state’s coffers with even more money and we might stem the flow of cars on the road during the heaviest drive times.

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