January 29, 2008

It’s still dark out as I write this at 6:30AM, but I have it on good authority that it will be light around this time a little more than a month from now.


It’s not that daylight savings time will have kicked back off (or is it on?), it’s that the tilting of the earth will have allowed the sun to light this portion of the planet. Then I’ll be able to plant my crops in sunlight instead of battling the chill, the wolves and the darkness while I do my daily chores.

I’m not surprised that so many people are bitter and angry this time of year either. I don’t like having a cold, dark house to wake up to. It’s unmotivating and scary. That’s right, I said scary.


But the sun is coming, and I can’t wait. Unless of course the sun comes too fast and envelops the Earth, Mercury, Venus and the other planets. That would be too much sun.


More to come…