Sunday in Paris

July 23, 2007

Today we woke up late…for the fifth day in a row. It’s going to be tough when we have to catch an early train to Brussels on Tuesday.

After the late wake-up we went to a local cafe for a light breakfast of cafe noisette and a baguette covered in butter.

From there we walked to the Metro and then popped out at the Louvre. And so began a day of culture.

We saw Venus and Monna (did you know they spell Mona with two NN’s?), and a bunch of other arty crap. During the visit we also saw a gnome riding a snail and had my camera run out of battery.

Luckily I left the spare battery at the apartment and promptly blamed CF for this oversight. She was pleased that I was so perceptive and threatened to topple some of the larger sculptures onto my head.

We cooled off, went for a mid-morning lunch, then attacked the Louvre again. Saw a bunch more arty things. Didn’t take any photos myself but helpfully directed CF as to what pictures I needed. She let me use the camera and I took some great shots.

After the Louvre we went through a bunch of neighborhoods on the way back to the Marais. Dinining lightly on a crepe and some coke, we strolled lazily about. LOTS of stuff is closed on Sunday.

We made it back to the apartment in time to see the end of Stage 14 of Tour de France – read more at – and I blogged about it in real time.

Then we watched the World Volleyball Championships and some soccer and took a nap. Then we went out for a Parisian-style dinner at around 7-8PM.

*We now have Metro passes for the week and will hopefully do less walking. My feet are really flat from all the strolling.