Sunday morning Cutlets

June 12, 2011

This could actually be the new name of my podcast – especially if I keep it to the ‘cutlet’ format of short snippets or thoughts. That aside, here are today’s cutlets.

My feet are bigger than they were even a few years ago and I’m not pleased because that has rendered my old shoes obsolete.

How can a watch battery business stay viable? Especially as a kiosk in the mall. Do people wearing watches not have cell phones that show the time?

What is the real short-term memory timeframe for a cat? Ducky is constantly going from the front door right to the back door and then outside again. *One reason might be that she’s trying to save energy by crossing through the house, but if she were that smart she would have also killed us and be running a cat hostel at the Bungalow.

Robes are decadent, if a little creepy. I feel great in a robe, but can’t help feeling a little like Hugh Hefner.

Why is the electric drill NEVER charged when you need it? What we really need are rechargeable batteries that hold their charge for months. I only do a house project about twice a season.

If you haven’t heard, the Musee D’Orsay no longer offers visitors the opportunity to take photos. I have tried to spite them by putting up my photos of my trips to the museum – pre-ban.

Rain doesn’t go away if you sing at it. Conversely, this often works on strangers – unless they’re working for Greenpeace or some other clipboard mafia.

I’m in a tech quandry. My Netflix works fine on my latptop, but is choking repeatedly on my HDTV. It’s either the Apple TV, the FIOS throttling (although that should affect the laptop too) or some other tech issue. I think I might have to visit a genius bar soon to figure it out.

If I won an iPad2 (not one of the newly recalled ones), I would subscribe to so many magazines it would make your head spin. And it would allow me to clear off an entire side table in our living room.

Airfare to Europe is down to about $315 each way after being around $600 each way earlier in 2011. Do you think those Europeans want our tourist money or are high fuel prices a scam?

It’s nearly time for breakfast – the can continues to do loops of the house – and I’m about done for the morning. Just be glad this isn’t a video podcast. I’m still in the aforementioned robe and I look like I had a couch fall on me.