Sunday Morning

October 28, 2007

Podcamp and all its associated festivities went pretty late for a lot of people (reports of attendees getting two hours sleep), but for me it was fairly sedate. Left the Seaport Hotel at about 9:30 and got a pretty good 7+ hours of sleep.

On the list for today are random tasks, but I’m compelled to share. Leave me your TTDT (things to do today) list in the comments.

1 – get my sorry lazy butt to breakfast with CF

2 – make it to Podcamp Boston in time for the 10AM session

3 – talk to the Foneshow people about some little BETA glitches with their service

4 – twitter at a bunch of my new co-‘casters and hope they don’t notice I’m wearing the same shorts from yesterday because the shorts are so darn useful with extra pockets

5 – learn lots of stuff and have some fun


Attribution for this image – go here.

6 – get my fantasy football line-ups in SOON so I don’t get creamed this weekend

7 – find a tasty lunch

8 – pay some bills (they’re due soon and they’re making my man purse really heavy)

9 – think seriously about attending Podcamp Toronto in February. That’s right TORONTO in FEBRUARY. Maybe this requires a LOT more thought

10 – worry that the Red Sox won’t let the poor Rockies win at least one game. C’mon. Let’s win the Series at home for once in 90 years!!

More to come…