Tag, you’re it!

May 11, 2008

In December of 2006, Jeff Pulver participated in – and propagated – an Internet game called Tag. Since I’m so late to the table in many things, the start of this game in my little universe might be a 14 or 15 months after-the-fact but it’s right in my wheelhouse.

The premise of the game (or interaction) is to share with readers who presumably know a lot about you already, a list of five things that they might not even be able to guess about you if you hadn’t revealed those facts.

Then, after revealing these quirks/facts/traits/experiences, you ‘tag’ five new people to do the same thing on their blogs. That’s where my difficulty comes in. I’m going to tag five people by putting their blog names right here on Bowl of Cheese. But because the game is oldish, I may have to tag a few dozen people before finding five that haven’t played.

Here we go…five things you might not – and probably don’t know – about Jeff Cutler…

1. I was a cheerleader in college.

2. I tried out for Major League Baseball in 1992.

3. My writing clients have included Gulf Oil, Fidelity Investments, Uno’s and Ford Motor Company.

4. I was once paid to write a Bar Mitzvah toast about a boy whose father wouldn’t allow me to speak to the kid, and could only tell me “he’s a good kid.” Upon delivery of the toast, the father told me it was the most moving thing he had ever read.

5. I’ve ridden a bicycle alongside Irish cycling legend Sean Kelly.

Now, here are the bloggers I’m tagging…

Tim Street

Jack Hodgson

Dave Mangano

Jenny Frazier

Erika Lanier

John Wall

John C. Dvorak

Chris LeBrun

Tom Walker

Megan Carty

More to come…