Tasty words

April 10, 2008

I’m not saying that words can’t be tasty, I’m alerting you to the fact I must eat my words. Yesterday I was all set to banish the offspring of white-trash parents to eternal darn-nation….NO SWEARING ON BOWL OF CHEESE or any other Jeff Cutler venue.

But today the entire child community was redeemed by the actions of a little boy. No, this isn’t where we go into a priest joke. It’s where I tell you that kids don’t have to be locked away Chitty Chitty Bang Bang style because one child has restored my faith that kids can learn to behave.

Whilst at the ball game – yes, another Pawtucket Red Sox game, will the madness ever end? – I pounced on a true foul ball and gave it to a kid sitting in the row in front of me. He was with his father and a family friend. The little boy smiled and surprisingly the kid didn’t have to be told to thank me…he honestly and graciously thanked me.

I felt like an unadulterous Tom Brady.

So I beamed for a while at my charity and enjoyed the game. Later on, about the eighth inning, the same little boy was given another ball from a player. His father mentioned to him that he already had a ball and he should choose someone without a ball to give the second baseball to.

He chose me! So I get credit for being a great person and giving a foul ball to a kid AND I get that same ball back to keep and cherish.

It’s a win-win and now I don’t think that all kids need to be duct-taped to yoga balls and rolled around the back yard in an oversized version of human bocce.

More to come…