June 1, 2006

I’m an early adopter and a fan of the newest gadgets. I like to maintain my five Web sites and run my podcast, use my GPS and play with my digital camera.

In fact, I’m so caught up in this stuff that lately I haven’t gotten out of the house much except for ice cream, laundry and work.

Well, that’s about to change.

After a horrific customer service experience with Netfirms РAND NO, there’s no link because I’m annoyed at them and don’t want to lead others into temptation РI have decided to simplify my tech touch.

OK. That’s pretty much a lie because ChiroKate, Rocket Girl, the Backup and others pine for my written words and I can’t disappoint them. Further, I must apologize to Quwphskatiethhhstoblix for the lack of recent photos. A byproduct of Netfirms horrible service is an equally horrible product.

I’m unable right now to take shots with the phone and toss them up on the site, so I’ve neglected to do so. I will make the effort in the future though.

But back to the matter at hand. In an effort to enjoy more of the world and not carpal-tunnel myself into painful rants, I’m going to become more disciplined. That doesn’t mean fewer posts, but it does mean shorter and more poignant posts.

Perhaps you don’t think that’s possible, but look back at this post and tell me that it’s not concise and brilliant. Oh. OK. Point taken.

Finally, I revealed to a few of you my unyielding love for a man and figured it’s time the whole world knew. That’s right, I think Momofuku Ando is a genius and I love him for his invention of the Ramen Noodle.

According to Nissin Foods, Mr. Momofuku Ando began the company from a humble family operation. Faced with sparse food sources after World War II, Mr. Ando realized that a quality, convenient ramen product would help to feed the masses. His goal was to create a ramen that could be eaten anywhere, anytime. In 1958, Nissin introduced “Chicken Ramen”, the first instant ramen. Ironically, it was considered a luxury item since Japanese grocery stores, sold fresh Japanese noodles (Udon) at one-sixth the cost of Mr. Ando’s new food concept.

So there! Oh, I still am in favor of women as companions. Just had to put that in writing in case Mum ever gets on the InterWeb and shrieks in horror that her favorite son has switched teams.

Mum, I have not.

More to come…