Technology BLOWS

November 9, 2007

I’m not talking about the underlying technological advances that allow us to cook food and make clothing, I’m talking about the stupid computers that screw things up.

OK. This blog entry was made possible by Steve Wozniak and others (by the way, Wozniak didn’t alert spell-check…THAT’S COOL) and that’s all good…but my gripe today is with e-commerce.


Last night at about midnight I charged a brand new computer and a bunch of software and memory to a credit card. You would think that when a charge is made for a product it’s a simple operation.

Not so. It turns out that both Apple and Crucial – and a dance of stupidity or pure evil – charged the credit card TWICE. So instead of spending $4000 for a a sweet new system, the card was rejected because charges totaling more than $7000 were being put through.

This saddens me because the order had to be canceled and now it will be an additional week or more before I get the sweet crack that is a new MacBook.

Don’t get me started at how annoyed this makes me. ESPECIALLY because I don’t want to be dealing with administrative stuff today. I’m in the midst of CrimeBake at the Dedham Hilton and would rather not have my focus diverted.

Apple, Crucial – GET ON THE BALL. You have the best stuff but you’re not winning new customers if your service and process is broken.


More to come…

©2007 Jeff Cutler and Novel Ideas