June 19, 2007

The past few nights it’s been hot in Jeff Cutler’s tiny bungalow and I’ve had both my fans running full speed. The tiny one fits in the bedroom window, but I’m a bit skittish about leaving the window too far open because of movies like The Panic Room, Friday the Thirteenth and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (from 1978, NOT the remake).

So, when I decided I couldn’t take it anymore I got into my wing chair and googled Fans. Just past the Nest of Death page I found Farreys ceiling fans and a bunch of fans I wish I had the cash to get installed.

Nest of Death is a Philadelphia Eagles fan site and Farreys is a fan (like the one that moves air) company. It seems to me to be about average price for fans of all types, but the two drawbacks to Farreys are that their only showrooms are in Florida and that I only have 920 square feet of room and most of the fans I saw were of the ceiling variety.

The one thing I did like about their ceiling fans is the way they sell other home stuff and they have a bunch of products that offer free shipping.

So, if I’m in Florida and get a chance to go to Farreys showroom, I might just grab myself a fan from them. The ones I liked the most when I glanced at the site were the casablanca fans. In the meanwhile, I’m putting Farreys ceiling fans into my bookmarks under HOME IMPROVEMENT.

By the way, putting ice cubes under your arms is PAINFUL and it causes your body to heat up. Don’t ask how I know this, just know that it’s true. And please also realize that Philadelphia Eagles fans are a bit unbalanced.
More to come…