The dumbing of America

June 19, 2008

And here’s another example of how the dumb keep having kids and the smarter people are being weeded out of the gene pool because we’re not willing to overpopulate the Earth.

In a story reported on by the Boston Globe’s Website – Time Magazine found the reason that a huge percentage of teens in Gloucester, MA were getting pregnant was because they had a pact to raise their children together.

These are teen girls who in some cases had sex with men 20-years-old or older. That’s crazy. But what’s even more crazy is that a national publication was able to ferret out the details of this little scheme before the school department, the parents or even the local authorities figured it out.

How detached have we become from our families and friends that we don’t notice when something is going horribly awry?

Kudos to the reporters at Time.

Shame on you Gloucester.

More to come…