The Friday Wind-down

September 14, 2007

It’s funny to me that there’s one day of the week where the geek community disappears. This isn’t Sunday or Saturday, it’s Friday.

That’s right. Come about 11AM on Friday, the crowds on Twitter, Facebook, iChat and other social networking sites dwindles dramatically. I’ve seen all my yahoo and google groups dry up on a Friday (god help you if you haven’t set up a social engagement for the weekend if you’re still looking to Groups on a Friday morning) and emails also slow to a crawl.

It’s not simply that people are thinking in a more ‘outside’ realm. The weekend traffic online is pretty huge and I’ve gotten in touch with many more people on a Saturday than I have on a Friday.

Is it technology? Do servers back-up on Thursday night and therefore gum up the works on Friday? I think not. Most that I’ve seen are doing maintenance at 3AM on a Tuesday.

So what is it?

I think that people are forward-looking beings who set aside the virtual world while they plan their weekend and Friday social events. They ditch the CrackBerry, stop Wijacking and put the laptop away in the desk until they start to feel the withdrawal around 1PM Saturday.

I’m one of those people and therefore, see you tomorrow when i set up my fantasy team.

More to come…