The Google Fridge – Top 8 Reasons I NEED It

January 7, 2008

If you’ve been in a cave or under a rock, you probably haven’t heard about the Google Fridge Give-a-way. Well, it’s amazing. Just write a blog post and you’re entered to win the fridge. I’m not going to give you any more info than that, but if you want specifics, leave a comment on this post and I’ll email you the terms and conditions.

By the way, here’s a screen shot of the fridge, MY FRIDGE TO BE, enjoy it but don’t touch!


Now, on with my top eight. *There are only eight reasons and not ten because the two ‘o’s in Google remind me of an eight on its side…and because I could only think of eight GOOD reasons and didn’t want to bore the judges.

8. It’s the perfect size to hold a block of cheese as big as my head.

7. It will remind me that everything good can be found using Google—just open it up and your dreams will come true. (When I open the fridge I will find cheese, YAY!)

6. Delightful beverages like Jones Soda and Hefeweizen can be stored neatly next to the cheese.

5. The only thing that will be spoiled once I have this little fridge is my discerning palate.

4. Tiny eclairs fit perfectly in this fridge. And there’s nothing like a fine beer, some quality cheese and a dessert of mini eclairs.

3. It’s not an avacado green, so it goes with any decor. Were it an avacado green it would still go with any decor, but you’d have to go back in time to 1977 to find that selection of home and office decor. Unfortunately this fridge is not a Tardis, it’s just the best fridge in all the land.

2. When not in use as a fridge…who am I kidding!? It will always be in use as a fridge.

1. I want it so bad it hurts. Or maybe that’s some hunger for a bowl of cheese. C’est la vie. Or (a great cheese shop here in the Northeast).

That’s it. I’ll keep you updated on whether this baby makes it my way. If so, you will see photos of it here. Maybe I’ll even take it with me on field trips to local historic sites. Or not.

More to come…