The mentally destitute

May 10, 2007

I’m worried for the world.

This might be a standard, recurring feeling on the part of those of us who like to think we’ve got a brain cell or two in our heads. Please reference my IQ test a few months back or the fact I try to use big words in my posts.

That being said, I have the following questions:

How can anyone sue a company or a person for stuff that is clearly their own fault?
(The lady at McDonald’s who said her coffee was too hot, as an example)

Who still rides a bike or motorcycle without a helmet?

Why do people who aren’t going to care for animals repeatedly get dogs and cats and then neglect them?
(They get all high and mighty about ‘rescuing’ these pets from the pound only to lead them into a horrible night of neglect)

Why do people smoke?

Who voted for Bush both times?

How is it that so many people run themselves over, blow themselves up, shoot themselves and slice off body parts with regularity?

And how can these issues of idiocy not be clearer to more people?

I’m off to ride my uSurf and exercise my body. Maybe OSIM will come out with a uSurf for the brain and then maybe we could prescribe this treatment for the entire center of the country and those on the fringes who are also a bit slow.

More to come…