The quiet of Sunday

March 16, 2008


Only the hiss of the radiator is breaking into the room as I look at the dark curtains. I’m a little paranoid because the bright Macbook screen is lighting up my face and if a pack of ninjas were on their way to extinguish me, they’d probably have no problem.

Oh, not because I’m front-lit and very visible in this dark room, but because what do I have in the way of training against ninjas?

Sunday is what I like to call a ‘free’ day. Not because it’s some sort of religious day of rest but because to me it’s truly free of other obligations. Unless you run headlong into Easter or Mother’s Day. But those are special circumstances.

On the whole, Sunday is the same as your birthday. You can choose to eat milk chocolate in your underwear on the double recliner all day. You could dash out the door at 8 and do some trail maintenance (canceled today because of the rain and wet trails). You could just blog all day. Or you could go visit friends and meander about in the car.


Sunday is the same as your birthday, except for the gifts. And the newspaper has color comics in it. Try getting that on your birthday.

More to come…