The scooter chronicles

September 13, 2007

It seems that the voice of reason has gripped me and as I sit here at the Bedford House of Beef snacking on BBQ roast beef sandwiches, I am calm and cool and collected about my scooter quest.

Apart from clicking over to craigslist every four minutes, I have logically decided that I’ll wait to see if I win a scooter in the next raffle before jumping the gun and spending all my cash on a sweet little Yamaha Vino 125.


So instead of scooter madness I’m going to be obsessed with Fantasy football. It’s odd, but this year I feel pretty knowledgeable and poised to win some cash.

I just made a trade with Ben (of the yriouaepoirhdskdjSquatiealfdkjagoie clan) for Vince Young while I dumped an injured Eli Manning. The trade has yet to be approved, but I’m busy knocking on the fake wood veneer of the booth while I type this…so I should be OK.

Other players on my team include LT, Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, Chris Chambers and that Peterson running back from Minn.

I’ll update you if you beg me. But don’t hang around me in late December when I’m collecting all the cashola.

To recap:

Scooter Raffle on Sept. 27 in Allston

My fantasy football team is great

I’m NOT giving you any cash

More to come…