The tale of the plate

June 16, 2008

Here’s an eye-opening recount of the items that passed through my lips this past long weekend while in Atlanta. The long weekend began on Wednesday afternoon and ended on Sunday at noon.

Irish breakfast at the L-Street Diner (two eggs, white pudding, toast, bacon, sausage, tea, homefries)

Baked beans (small bowl)

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (1)

Corona (2, on the boat to the airport)

Blue Moon (2 at the airport cafe before the flight)

Snack box (on the plane, cheese, crackers, oreos, nuts, chocolate)

No-name beer (1, on the plane)

Budweiser Light (3, in Detroit at the Northwest Airlines Club Room)

Packaged cheese (7, Northwest Airlines Club Room)

Pretzels (2 bowls, Northwest Airlines Club Room)

Water (1, second flight)

Leinenkugel (3, Taco Mac outside Atlanta)

Sam Adams Hefezweizen (3 or so, George’s house)


Two eggs, one english muffin, oriental tea

Bowl of steel-cut oatmeal

Bottle of water

Clif Bar

14 ribs, quarter chicken, corn bread, bowl of mac and cheese, 36oz of iced tea (at Sonny’s Barbecue)

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (2-3, George’s house)

Sam Adams Hefeweizen (2-3, George’s house)

Blue Moon (5, biker bar near Sugar Hill, GA)

15 Buffalo wings (same biker bar)

B52 shot (biker bar)

Sam Adams Hefeweizen (2, George’s basement)

FRIDAY —————

Bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios

One shot, wheat grass juice (BLECH!!!!! Juice bar in Sugar Hill, GA)

Smoothie – pineapple, kiwi, mango, banana (same juice bar)

Two hot pretzels (BJ’s)

One cream cheese filled pretzel (BJ’s)

One 28oz Icee (BJ’s)

4oz of fresh made peanut butter (Fresh Market, suburban Atlanta)

nine gummi lobsters (Fresh Market)

six cherry licorice wheels (Fresh Market)

bowl of cake (Fresh Market cake sample table)

14 pieces of saltwater taffy (Fresh Market)

Sam Adams Winter Lager (2, George’s)

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (2, George’s)

Sam Adams Hefeweizen (George’s)

1/3lb Blue Cheese Burger (George’s)

1/3lb Blue Cheese Burger (not a typo, had two of them, George’s)

Corn off the cob (1 full cob)

Two pieces of corn bread

Two squash fries (like really big french fries, but made with squash)

More gummi lobsters

Sam Adams Winter (2)


Bowl of Cheerios (George’s)

Krispy Kreme Donuts (3, one plain, one Kreme filled, one raspberry filled)

English Breakfast tea with natural honey (half a cup, spilled the rest on my lap in the car)

Two Icee freeze pops (at the batting cages)

Two pieces of Double Bubble (at the batting cages)

Bottle of water (cages)

Bottle of Vitamin Water (cages)

Leinenkugel Summer Wheat (3, George’s)

Hoegarden Blanche Bier (5, George’s)

The remaining handful of gummi lobsters (George’s)

SUNDAY ———————

Half a cup of tea (Continental Airlines Club)

One english muffin with cream cheese on it (Continental Club)

One cherry vanilla yogurt (Continental Club)

One fat coke (in flight, this is regular coca cola, but so many people are DIET-crazed that I started calling it ‘fat’ coke in 1996 and have continued to this day. It’s quirky.)

One glass of water (in flight)

Cheese crackers (in flight)


That’s about it. I guess on the whole I didn’t have that much to eat or drink in the four days I was gone. The summation reads like this…

43 beers, lots of ribs and meat, some healthy stuff (mostly by mistake or dares), plenty of cheese, some candy and a couple donuts.

I’m headed to Betty Ford right now, don’t wait up.

More to come…