The Windshield. A poem about a windshield.

September 24, 2008


Broken by shards of pavement. Ironically.

Now shards of glass littler the dashboard.

The name a misnomer. My windshield doesn’t even stop wind.

It can’t stop the hot air, either.

Hot air from the idiot on the phone at Safelite Auto Glass.

She’s dumber than a hair follicle. Tries to tell me I’m not covered because Massachusetts isn’t on her list.

Idiot. Glass coverage is pretty much automatic in Massachusetts.

But I’m more angry at Liberty Mutual. There’s nothing right about their move to outsource glass claims.


Conflict of interest. Idiots on the phone. Glass shards. Lots of wind.

I’ll wait for my friends at Acme.

No, not to bring the Wile E. Coyote box of TNT so I can blow them up. The idiot and Liberty Mutual.

Acme is a glass company. They’ll fix my windshield.

So it blocks wind.

So it keeps rocks out.

So I can drive.


More to come…