They have Home Despot in the South!

June 14, 2008

As you realize, I’m spending some quality time in Atlanta and one of the best discoveries I’ve made is the existence of a Home Depot. They even gave us free hot dogs.

Here are a few photos of that trip…

Adam and George pestering the deaf guy to help them get a doorknob re-keyed. Essentially it was an exchange of jotted notes and grunts from both sides.

A HUGE Brookstone holiday is Father’s Day. To that end, when I was there in 2006 or 2007 the tagline for Father’s Day was Let Him Choose or Let Dad Decide or something very similar to what Home Depot has come up with this year. Things never get developed brand new, people just borrow from others.

OK. I may have mentioned the free hot dogs from Home Depot. Well, they were really courtesy of Suzuki. The dealership across the road from the Home Depot. That didn’t make them taste any worse, but it made me take a few Suzuki-focused shots.

Like this……

And this.

There are also a lot of things in the store. And I’m amazed I wasn’t stopped for taking photos like they’ll do to you at any grocery store.


Inside under the lights.

Our mission for the day.

Another mission, seriously.

Why this shot? Because I can’t believe that Home Depot is so untrusting that they put a security device on a grill. I mean that this thing is about six feet long and about four and a half feet tall. I’m not shoplifting it.

And yes, Home Depot still carries wood.

More to come…