Thinking about Dad, Two years later…this Friday

April 3, 2013

Friday. It’s the hero of the work week. The day we all thank god for. Friday is the good to Monday’s evil. It’s the awesome day that starts each weekend. He who doesn’t like Fridays must be a communist!

This Friday is the two-year anniversary of my father’s death. While I’m not a communist, I contend this tie-in puts a somber spin on the gateway day to Saturday and Sunday. It also reminds me to think of my father’s traits and personality as he liked Fridays. He liked Mondays, too. And pretty much every other day of the week, if I were to hazard a guess.

You see, his philosophy – as I interpret it – was to enjoy life as fully as possible. Therefore, the day didn’t matter if you were engaged in pursuits that made you and those around you happy.

Cocktails – as tasty on a Friday as they are on a Tuesday. The day doesn’t matter.

Boating – the vast ocean beckons whether it’s Sunday or Wednesday.

Music – sounds as sweet at the piano bar on a Thursday as it does any other day.

Golf – as long as the rain stays away, the course is there for you on Thursday and Monday.

Family – all the days that have a ‘y’ in them are perfect for surrounding yourself with loved ones.

Plug in a pastime and the day didn’t matter. In fact, one of the singularly funny comments he used to make had to do with his formula for figuring out what day it was. He said that he could narrow down the days of the week by lifting the newspaper. When it was a little thicker, it had to be either Wednesday (food coupons) or Sunday (help wanted and car ads).

Unfortunately, the print news business is fading away quickly. But the lesson of sharing experiences and ignoring the days is one I’ll always keep close. Though the one day I won’t ignore is this Friday when I raise a glass in his memory and think of the life he had and the times we shared.

I miss you dad.