This Just in…Death Still Not Fun for Anyone.

March 20, 2012

Yesterday, a family friend died. He experienced/suffered an aneurism and had been on life support for a little while. I don’t know what the family went through deciding to take him off support, but I do know what they are going through now dealing with the death of this man. It blows. Death blows. And based on my experience, it doesn’t seem likely that there’s much fun in it.

We’re quickly closing in on a year since Robbie died and I’m still shocked that he’s gone. It’s not as if I can’t logically believe it, but personally and psychologically I still need him around…and he’s not. C’est la vie. Those are the cards I’ve been dealt and I’ve got to move forward. But I don’t have to be chipper about it.

In fact, sometimes I find myself having less patience for the schmoes who are still on this planet taking up precious oxygen. People who are oblivious to the needs of others. Folks who are caught up in their own aura so much that they lose sight of what a dink they are. And jerks who use their own interpretation of right and wrong to build barriers between themself and others. Again, c’est la vie. They’re not going to change.

The guy who hasn’t talked to me in ages because he has no concept of sarcasm or American societal norms

The girl who repeatedly makes commitments and then breaks them – unaware that I can’t remember the last time she was on time for anything

The group that’s so close to its own mission and so far from the needs of its constituents that it may never emerge from irrelevance

The list goes on. But I’m no better than any of them if I couch my needs in terms of what they’re doing wrong and what they should be doing for me. I’m no more worthy of a good life and success, just because I have the where-with-all to recognize when an injustice is taking place. Nobody is better…we’re all just here.

Except for the ones we’ve lost.

Except for the ones we’ve lost.