Ti Ming

April 18, 2008

During college I roomed with a guy named John Latino. John was a fairly confident and fun guy to be around and I’m sorry that we drifted apart over the years. But one thing that still makes me smile is how he used to say ‘timing.’

It was a perfect rendition of an actor – in a film that I can’t remember – who said ti ming with a large delay in the middle to accentuate the fun and funniness.

Well we’re faced with a ti ming issue today. I haven’t blogged for about a week and it’s the weekend. That means that if you get an alert via RSS feed or other vehicle each time I post on Bowl of Cheese, you’re going to get inundated if I post all my vacation activities here in a complete brain dump.

Also, Friday night isn’t when blog readers sit home to catch up on the latest Jeff Cutler exploits or escapades.

SO, I’m going to gently wean you back into the genius that is Bowl of Cheese and give you two-a-days until we catch up.

Sound good?

Thought so.

More to come…