Toilet Talk

June 30, 2007

Here’s my comment in response to Ben Casnocha’s recent post.


As someone who uses the bathroom more often than most of the population, my concern is with the entire experience.What about locks on stall doors, soundproofing, toilet paper that is routed correctly so it doesn’t come off in shards, as well as all the hand-washing elements?

Some of my best experiences in bathrooms have come in the oddest places. NO, not THAT type of experience.

But some of the best places to GO are some of the simplest places we frequent.

For example, a clean portapotty is pretty good. It’s fairly soundproof, there’s no splashback and it’s private.

Upper-crust hotels have stalls with doors that go to the floor.

Most casinos have great bathrooms – although some allow smoking in the bathroom which is insane.

And I’m a big fan of the toilets in the airline club rooms at the airport.

Failing marks go to the troughs at Fenway and most any stadium, bars that don’t ever clean the men’s room or put locks on the doors, portapotties that haven’t been rinsed out or have been sitting in the sun, and the tiny fan-less stalls that are seemingly designed into every cheap apartment in every city in the United States.


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