Tom Menino Guest Host

April 3, 2008

That’s right. Today, in honor of the Mayor’s ongoing efforts to become a member of the University of Wisconsin’s faculty (at the Chancellor level), I’ve let him give a few comments on the best things about cheese.

These comments were recorded in an interview last night. Unfortunately some of the audio was garbled so I won’t be able to use it in my next Bowl of Cheese podcast.


Here we go with comments from the Mayor of Boston…

Cheese helps us create jobs and (unintelligible)….great city!

Wisconsin, like Boston, has a (unintelligible) past and features the (unintelligible) for growth and (unintelligible).

France and Wisconsin both make cheese. But you know where my (unintelligible) for cheese originataled (sic). Right here in this (unintelligible) commonwealth. I love the (unintelligible – sounded like Gouda) that we make in Swampscott and Lynn, and cheese is what makes our location a winner.

(Unintelligible) travels to Europe and the Washington, I have seen cheese trays at many functions. As part of the faculty of the University of (unintelligible but I think it was Wisconsin), I’ll eat more cheese and wear one of those things on my head to cheer on Bert (unintelligible but sounded like curve…probably meant Favre).

Well, his comments were snappy and on target. Think of the Mayor when you cast your vote next time around. It’s clear that he loves cheese and that he likes other stuff too.

More to come…