Tour de Jeff

July 18, 2007

Holy cow. Today (and I use that term loosely) I have been in a car, on a boat, in a plane, on a train, in the Metro and finally in my bed in my Paris apartment.

I missed all of the Eurosport coverage of the Tour de France today so I’ll give you a recap of my activities. By the way, I will look on various other sites to find out the news of the day and add those to a few upcoming posts.

Here’s a list of the events, beginning at 3:50PM on Monday, July 16…

Finish packing
Hop in Limo
Wait 20 minutes for boat
Boat to Logan Airport
Wait for plane
Plane to Heathrow
Tube to Waterloo Station
FOUR hours early for the Eurostar
Check bags with some bag checking firm
Wander around London
Dine on sausages, ham, beans, toast and tea
Get tea to go and then wander back down the Thames
Get back to Eurostar with 100 minutes to go
Had a French beer
Played a slot machine
Retrieved our bags
Got in the queue at the Eurostar
Waited 45 minutes
Hopped on the train
Moved our seats
Then got booted from our new seats by 14-year-old French kids
Got off in Paris
Took the Metro to Republique
Walked to the apartment
Got the walk-through
Paid the money and the deposit
Went food shopping
Bought paper towels instead of toilet paper because I don’t know French (quicker-picker-upper takes on a different light when you are wiping)
Went out to eat
Saw the edge of Notre Dame
Came back to the room – The Tour is still not on Eurosport
Wrote this post

How’s that?