Bringing your toys to work – Bowl of Cheese style

January 30, 2008

Right after the holidays I spent some quality time at my local supermarket examining the cards, leftover eggnog and piles of discounted toys.

It’s beyond me how anyone could do their Christmas shopping at a supermarket (unless you were buying someone a fine Humbolt Fog goat cheese or a case of manarin orange ½ pint cans). So I was dumbfounded when I came upon a toy that was in super-secret probation down at Hasbro when I did some freelancing there a few years ago.


That’s right, it’s the Spidey Spud Mr. Potato Head.

And do you think that I left it on the shelf once I figured out what it was? Hardly.

The happy toy is now with me fighting crime and making people smile wherever I go. I’m hoping Tara and Hasbro invite me back sometime this summer to do some work for them so I can cart this little delight along with me.


What toys have made an impact on your 2008? Leave me a note in the comments or send in a photo and I’ll put it up.

More to come…