September 24, 2007

I’m so bummed that I didn’t think fast enough this morning to use my camera phone while driving.

In the course of my 1.5hr commute I saw THREE accidents (or the after-carnage of these accidents).

The first was just a tiny fender-bender and the car off the side of the road didn’t have much damage.

The next was a three car incident that involved a Ford Explorer, a little car and a pickup truck. These were removed from the road but still caused IICs* to slow down to a crawl.

Last was the six-car accident in the MIDDLE lane of the highway. I don’t remember the car makes, but the people were evenly split between old and young, male and female. None were fat though, which is odd because A LOT of the nation is really fat.

Hope to see fewer incidents on the way home in eight hours.


More to come…