Training Myself. The MBTA in Boston.

February 1, 2011

For the second time in a week, I found myself on the MBTA this morning. It was the commuter rail. From the South Shore. Into Boston. What could be better than that?

Well, for someone who’s addicted to my car and my scooter and my fierce sense of independence, putting my trust in another driver is not within the regular Jeff Cutler philosophy. In fact, I don’t passenge well…so letting anyone drive me anywhere – even if there are rails – is pretty much against my social contract with the world.

As an aside, the question of “How good a passenger are you?” came up during my auditions for the Ford Focus Rally. See how that turned out right here.

But back to the MBTA and their commuter rail service. It was the second time in a week – but also the second time EVER – that I’ve been on the Greenbush Line. And here are my thoughts and some photos…

I laugh at puny people in their cars! We’re faster than you.


Even the snow doesn’t stop the train. We’re like the Post Office.


Why don’t they heat the Amtrak and MBTA South Station? It’s really chilly and filled with ads.

Do we really have to sardine together? I tried to be really fat so nobody would sit next to me. Didn’t work.


You can ALMOST stow away on the train. While I’ve only been on it twice, I think I’ve figured out the system. I won’t tell you here in case the MBTA is paying attention. Just gimme a call and I’ll share. It costs as much to park the car at the station as it does to take the train.

That’s not exactly true – $4 vs $5.25, but close enough. I might become a real fan of this during bad weather. I even had a good time on the Red Line today going into and around the city during a wicked snowstorm.

What’s your experience with the train? Do you want to live a life on the rails with me this winter? Have you ever wanted to be a hobo?

Picture 2