August 14, 2007

Summer plods forward toward the fall and I’m sitting in rapt attention thinking about all the opportunity I’ve had so far this season to ride my bike, visit the beach, try out new things and generally enjoy life.

In fact, my recent column in the Hingham Mariner touts the importance of taking your time and relaxing. One of the best ways I can think of lately is a lazy bike ride. I say lazy bike ride because I’m totally out of shape. The six pounds I lost in Paris found its way back across the ocean and reattached itself (themselves) to my bod. Bummer.

Even my excursion to the back porch last night to view the Perseid Meteor showers didn’t help me. Sure, I was sitting in a plastic chair on the back deck in the moon and starlight. And no, I wasn’t moving very fast, but I was quite tense.

You see, my brother lost a cat to a coyote a couple years ago and ever since that happened I’ve been a little skittish to go outside in the pitch black night. OK. I do weigh a bit more than a cat, but I’m probably a little slower. And who really knows what goes on in the minds of hungry coyotes?

So as I sat in the chair with my head back facing the eastern night sky, I was very tense. And that probably served to burn multiple calories even as I sat.

But going back to bikes. Even though I spent a few thousand on my mountain bike, I’m now in the market for both a scooter (more on that in an upcoming post) and perhaps a cruiser style bike. After clicking around the Web and looking on some sponsor sites, I came up with a company in Oregon.

Well since it’s August, I’m gonna do a little more research on all my modes of transportation. I might even win that scooter I bought raffle tickets for the other day.

Remember, keep the rubber side down.

More to come…