Trashy. Literally.

November 24, 2008

Obligatory comments about how long it’s been since my last post aside, I have missed blogging. But I haven’t missed writing. In the time I’ve been absent, I’ve been banging away on the keys for and I now have 40,000+ words complete on my first novel.

Why it took me 43 years to even attempt a first novel is a testament to the difficulty – mental, not physical – in writing a piece of literature that’s longer than an article, feature, column or short story.

When I passed the 100-page mark the other day, I thought about how many things I’ve written have been shorter. The list is endless. Even the graduate thesis’ I’ve helped edit have been half that length.

That train of thought got me wandering down the mental road of measurements.

**Let me stop right here for a moment and tell you that for some reason the spelling function in my blogging software isn’t working. That means I’m second guessing every fourth word and it’s making me insane. OK, more insane. Had to get that out. Onward.**

And while I was thinking of measurements, I realized that the people in my house – me included – have reached a world-record for ‘height of kitchen garbage can trash’. On top right now are a barbecue-chicken container, some Halloween candy, a few beer bottles, a salsa container, paper towels, marshmallow bag and three tea bags.

This is ABOVE the rim of the can. Balanced like a Cirque d’Soleil act.

I’ve even taken to tip-toeing around the kitchen for fear of knocking the whole mess onto the floor. But walking carefully and balancing stuff on top isn’t the challenge. The real feat is waiting long enough, and letting the pile grow high enough, that other people in the house decide it has to end. Then they’ll wrap it up and put it outside in the trash barrel.

Unfortunately for me, I work from home and tomorrow is trash day. Further, the lovely Clownface has recently had surgery and she is unlikely to empty the barrel. And the kids we have locked away – ala Flowers in the Attic – aren’t much help.

So today I’ll have to give in. It doesn’t mean I’m weak or apologetic. Just means that I’m willing to do my part.

Hey, Al Gore. You’re welcome. I even did some recycling this week.

More to come…