Turning to Toma

February 21, 2008

Customer service. You won’t find it at Verizon or Taco Bell or many car dealerships, but you will find it at George Washington Toma of Weymouth.

You might be reading this and thinking, “Jeff has fallen off the ‘not-blogging-for-money’ bandwagon”, but I assure you I’m still blogging ONLY FOR ME.

The reason I bring up Toma is because they sent me a card. Right, a card in the mail.


I got this card for spending a butt-load of cash on some products at Toma, but I also got this card because Toma does things correctly.

For as long as I’ve been familiar with their store, I’ve been surprised and delighted by the exceptional level of customer service and extra effort they put into all their sales and the way in which they pay attention to their customers even after they leave the store.

My first purchase with them was a refrigerator. It was a honking, six-foot-tall monster that I figured I needed in my honking, 2500sf house. Toma sent a crew out to the house with the fridge and found a way to get it into the kitchen (they had to come in through the double slider) and then they took away the old fridge at no charge.

I haven’t needed a large appliance since then, so I haven’t had to visit. But just last week I needed a television as my old 20-inch set wasn’t cutting it. I tried Circuit City and Best Buy, but then I was reminded by my brother that Toma had TV’s.

Well, they’re still 100% on selling me what I want and what I need. I’ve visited the store twice in 10 years and have purchased both times.

That doesn’t make me a ‘regular’ customer in any way shape or form, but it seems that Toma cares about me regardless.

I wish other companies would pay attention to their customers in the same way.

More to come…