Tweet! Happy Birthday.

April 21, 2008

With notes coming in from Twitter and FaceBook and MySpace and every forum in the world (poker, geocaching, people-who-love-peeps, men-who-color-their-hair, camera, biking, etc.), it seems that electronic communication has trumped the telephone and paper-card method of wishing someone happy birthday.

I’m pausing here because this is a great idea for a magazine column and I don’t think I want to publish it here first and lose the ability to sell first serial rights.

Suffice it to say that I have already received 10 times as many birthday wishes via the Internet than I have by phone message or mail. Granted, today’s a mail holiday and I’ve been away so early cards are just sitting at the post office with my accumulated postal detritus.

But the paradigm is now to jet off a tweet or an electronic card instead of putting pen to paper and crafting a heartfelt note.

Luckily the action of writing a birthday check hasn’t been replaced. Those who are technically adept can just send cash via paypal. Oh, that paypal address is if you feel so moved to do so after reading this post. $5 or $10 is fine. I know gas prices are high and times are tough.

So look for a more coherent and fleshed out version of this thought/column/discussion in The New Yorker or similar pub.

More to come…