Under where?

August 14, 2006

As a result of my sluggish pursuits (see a prior post, I’m too lazy to put a link here), I have had to revamp my wardrobe. I am now happy to tell you that my underwear no longer binds me or leaves a visible crease on my midsection.

When I originally contemplated my navel and realized it had an underwear waistband mark bisecting it, I thought that I might have to stop wearing these garments. I also thought – VERY BRIEFLY (pun intended) – that I should start an exercise program.

I have been on the bike with Drew and Mel and have gone for a few walks with various insundry characters to stem the fat tide around my midsection.

But, I have also taken the commercially appropriate step of buying new underwear. This colorful assortment fits me nicely, doesn’t crease my belly, and is quite flattering.

Perhaps I’ll need to drop back down to the smaller size when my exercising has reached a higher level. But for now, I’ll just keep my Hanes on me and a smile on my face.

Oh, yes. This is actually an addendum to the unpublished commentary on why no belt can hold me.

And watch A Life of Play for a new episode this week. Got a tip from Hermy on a subject that is pretty cool.

More to come…