February 1, 2008

OK. Airtran isn’t the biggest airline and the planes are definitely filled with tiny seats and a scarcity of snacks. But I’ve done what most guys think they can do at a breakfast buffet—tried to beat the system.

That’s right, I’ve upgraded my seat for $60. Now, instead of riding in cattle with the singing lady and the rest of the riff-raff I’ll be in the wide, comfy seats up front. I get a window seat and I get to board the plane first.

AND the coup de grace is that I get all-I-can-eat-or-drink treats for the entire flight. That’s where the system loses. I’m gonna start drinking and eating the moment I get on board and not stop…at all. And if you’ve seen me at the all-you-can-eat sushi buffet in Framingham (oh, yeah, you didn’t know about that place? It’s HEAVEN!!!), you know I can take down a small catering company by myself.

I’ll keep you updated. Since my flight arrives about two hours before my other flight, I’ll have time to give you more blog entries when I land in Ft. Myers.


More to come…