uSurf, Home Improvement and Poker

May 24, 2007

Those aren’t SEO terms in the title of this post, they’re actual subjects I’m going to cover in this edition of “Where has Jeff been and why hasn’t he been writing in Bowl of Cheese more frequently?”

My friend Frank – he of the Red Sox season tickets, BC alum, mailbot-fearing writer – has chided me lately about the lack of content here. I referred him to the Bowl of Cheese podcast (see my show notes or search for Bowl of Cheese on iTunes) where I have been a little more present. But he was still jonesing for some quality info right here, so I compiled some random material to keep him informed and to give other readers some relief from the sparsity that’s invaded this space.

1 – uSurf doesn’t seem to work. Since the start of the year (yes, we’re talking 2007), I have been using the OSIM Brookstone uSurf machine to finely tone and sculpt my body. I started my quest at a willowy 192 and at today’s bathroom weighing, my force on the earth was measured at a stately 194 lbs. Take from this what you will. But if uSurf is sculpting me into an Adonis, then it’s using lard and duct tape to create this scuplture.

I should probably take some of the blame for my girth. Especially if you add to the uSurf results the fact that I’ve been on my road bike and mountain bike lately and that hasn’t knocked off any pounds either. Once I get the mini couch out of the kitchen and put up the table I got from Ben, I’ll have more room for uSurf and will see if the results are any more promising.

2 – See the note above about the table from Ben. In the last few weeks I have crafted two bookcases (with one left to go), have organized all the wires and Tivo crap that surrounded the GREAT TV (the 34-inch LCD that was repossessed by the ‘rents down the street), and have worked with Clownface to shape up some of the clutter that has been my world for all my 28 years.

Now the living room/online poker room looks a lot more inviting. The existing leather double recliner is cleared front and back so you can get a slammin’ good nap. And the sightlines for all the remote controls are clear so there are no more acrobatic channel changes necessary when trying to find the latest Scrubs rerun or any of the 481 Law and Order shows that are SOMETIMES on TV in these here parts.

3 – Poker is horrible. I hate it and love it at the same time. Sitboaf keeps scoring MAJOR victories while I bleed my hard-earned John Adams dollar coins into the machine that is Sharky’s Poker Room. While I hate my recent results, I have been about even over my poker lifetime and shouldn’t be bitter. But as a customer (and one who is losing lately), I am BITTER AND ANGRY at the lack of options, bad start times and general apathy shown me (the customer) by Sharky’s. I wish they had more tournaments, didn’t start the FreeRolls at 5PM (who works until 4??) and paid out 10% of all players as any reputable poker room should do.

That’s all I’ve got for now – well, except for the fact I’ve been listening to and participating in a few podcasts and suggest you also listen and participate. If to do nothing else but validate my choice in podcasts. They are (and you can search iTunes for all of these) The M Show, Marketing Over Coffee, Comedy4Cast, Behind the Bricks, and This Ain’t Iowa.

More to come…