uSurf – unpacking the box

January 31, 2007

The uSurf machine from Brookstone arrived the other day and it sat in my office in the large brown box until today. It wasn’t because I was too busy to unload the little surfboard-like exercise gadget. Nope, it was because I’m deathly afraid of getting into shape. But tonight it began.

First off, this sucker is heavy. Probably weighs in at around 60+ pounds, but I’m guessing that’s to add stability when the uSurf is in full motion. Second, it’s kind of cute. While it makes me look like I’m a giant going to hang 10, the platform is wide and long enough to let me get into a balanced stance before turning it on.

Third, I think the cord is a little too short, but my office is crowded with printers and bike stuff and other gear, so if I had a dedicated room in which to exercise it would probably be fine.

Other pieces and parts…

The two straps that attach to the side for additional resistance seem a little short, but the booklet says you should be crouching while you use them – so they’ll likely be fine once I get fully into the groove.

The remote has a great, curved design. Fits nicely in my hand and is powerful enough (not sure if it’s RF or IR) to turn the uSurf on or off from anywhere around the room.

My first attempt at riding it was successful AND SHORT. Bear in mind that I’ve not been doing anything for exercise other than feeding myself huge hunks of food and occasionally lifting a bowling ball.

I turned the machine on, stepped onto it and then clicked the remote. I was shaking like a Chiuwawa without a little sweater. But it felt pretty good to be moving.

While I only stood on top for about four minutes, I could definitely feel a burn starting in my legs and I was extremely wobbly when I got off.

Session one on the uSurf has been deemed a success. I’ll give it another practice session or two and then I’ll go at this little device earnestly for about 10-20 minutes at a time.

More to come…

(Speaking of which, I’ll get you photos of the uSurf in a later post during this experiment/evaluation)