September 9, 2007

It’s funny that a sink in the bathroom and a process of self aggrandizing (at least I think that’s used correctly) are treated to a similar moniker…vanity.

I’m VERY sure that I have a healthy dose of this object as proven by my recent distress when I googled myself again and found that I had slipped back into second place in the search rankings for Jeff Cutler.

If you recall a post back in March or so, I did the same search and came up with the same results. It seems that as fame continues to elude me, some guy named Jeff Cutler is slowly making my name for himself and getting plastered neatly on the search universe.

Interestingly enough – and this is not a spectacle of sour grapes – the other Jeff Cutler has benefited because Google just changed their search calculations again. Now it seems that I better start updating my Jeff Cutler site regularly and get some links to it so it shows up.

Therefore, there are three links to my jeff cutler site throughout this blog. Hopefully Google won’t notice.

More to come…OH wait. I think that when I moved the site over here I lost all my photos. So here is a new one for you to enjoy. Well, there would be a photo here, but I wandered past a mirror and now am busy admiring my red hair.

More to come…