View. Point.

September 22, 2006

When I was younger, my mother had to scold me when I pointed at a man with only one arm. I had only made the observation – and exclamation – because it was something I wasn’t used to seeing.

These days I think we’re all prone to seeing what we want to see and we’re only surprised when something WAY out of the ordinary crops up. Lately I’ve had a horrendous cold and a short while ago I wiped my nose with a napkin.

Well, the napkin has a holiday print on one side and the napkin turned a bright red after I wiped my nose. Since I’m prone to worry (see WORRIES), this made me think that my brains were leaking out of my noggin and I’d soon be dead.

Luckily I turned the napkin over and saw a laughing Santa on the other side. He’s probably jolly because of the number of people he tricks into thinking their brains are leaking out. Stupid Santa! Which reminds me, the wish list has been updated.


More to come…