Voice time

January 26, 2008

My voice is nearly back and my coughing has almost stopped. That might seem like something unremarkable, but for the past few weeks I’ve been miserable and unable to clear my head enough to do some creative thinking.

That means the podcasts (both A Life of Play and Bowl of Cheese) have suffered; my client base has been clamoring for project quotes and samples; editors have been urging me to send them columns; and my friends on Twitter have all been missing my kind words of encouragement.


Further, tonight is Shelley and Mike’s party at the Milky Way and I’m not there because of this stupid sickness.  They’ll all be bowling up a good time while I struggle to enjoy about my billionth episode of Everyone Loves Raymond (now I know how Robbie feels – the neglected brother on the show).

But let’s twist this around a bit. If this is the end of the cold I’ll soon be well enough to cavort around Boston with CF. I’ll get to attend the Vericon event at Harvard. I’ll eat a decent meal and taste it for the first time in three weeks. And I’ll be on my way to Florida to work on the Grampy’s Charity Open 2008.

So, it’s not all bad. In fact, tonight I’m going to see if I can wrench my mind back on track and put up a podcast episode for my loyal listeners.


Thanks for reading. More to come…