Vongo – part deux

December 18, 2007

When I checked my mail this evening I saw that Eric at Starz Entertainment had left me a comment on the Vongo post from a few days ago. I thought it was only fair to run his comments at the same level of prominence as the original post, so here they are. My comment back to him is below…and the conversation continues.
Eric Becker Says:


My name is Eric Becker and I work for Starz Entertainment, the provider of Vongo.

Thanks for your interest and believe me, we would like nothing more than to have Vongo avalable on the Mac platform and to its loyal user base. We have had countless requests in this regard, but unfortunately “the ball is in Apple’s court.”

In fact, the Vongo software client was designed to run beautifully on the Mac OS. The problem is that Apple’s will not license its software to us or other third parties and Vongo relies heavily on DRM in order to comply with the movie licensing rules its Hollywood studio partners require when offering an unlimited subscription movie download service.

Thus, Starz is precluded from opening up the Vongo offering to Mac users at this time.


jeff Says:


Thanks for the note. I agree in some regard that Apple can be a little difficult in its stance toward open source and the developer side of things.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m not going to keep your comment buried here but will create a new post with just a preface and then run your comment at the same level as the original post.

Please let us Mac users know the moment Vongo is up there for the Mac.


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